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Today’s Thought for the Day, regarding the Ofsted inspector in a school assembly: “On Tuesday I was due to visit a local school to take an assembly. I had everything planned and prepared, but then I got a message – “We’ve had THE PHONE CALL – the Ofsted inspector is coming in”. My initial reaction was […]

The Everlasting Arms (for Becky Watts)

This morning’s Thought for the Day had to be prepared carefully and delivered sensitively. On February 19th, 16-year-old Becky Watts, from St George in Bristol, went missing. Her family live about a mile away from Kingswood, where we live. Today (March 4th), her stepbrother Nathan Matthews was charged with her murder after body parts were […]

Prawn Cocktail Pancakes….anyone?

This week my Thought for the Day fell on Shrove Tuesday. This was also the day that a nostalgic feature on Berni Inns was being discussed on the breakfast show. The Rummer Hotel, (site of the very first Berni restaurant) was staging a Berni Inns Revival Night. The menu comprised of classic retro food – prawn […]

Never Forget

This morning my Thought for the Day slot on BBC Radio Bristol was a serious one. It is Holocaust Memorial Day  and also the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the death camp at Auschwitz in 1945. Jewish humour is renowned; but it didn’t feel like a time for jokes today. It felt like a time […]