The Meaning of Crisps..

As you may know, I am on the rota for the ‘Thought for the Day’ slot on BBC Radio Bristol’s breakfast show. At some point the day before, I receive an email telling me what subjects are going to be discussed the next day…usually three or four topics. This week, there were several interesting topics […]

Looking Up

Today, Major Tim Peake became the first Briton to complete a spacewalk from the International Space Station (others have done so but with dual UK/US nationality). Here’s my Thought for the Day for Radio Bristol about today’s events: It’s very easy to look down at your feet – but some people make you look up. […]

These Words Have Been Waiting

These words have been waiting. One Friday in late June I was due to go into Radio Bristol to do a Thought for the Day. On Thursday, a call came from the newsroom: “Nelson Mandela is critically ill in hospital. We don’t know if he is going to survive the night. Can you prepare two […]

A Thought About Giving

A Thought About Giving

This is today’s Thought for the Day on Radio Bristol. It’s a big day for giving, but why do we do it? “Tattoos, tightropes, singing and sponge throwing! All over Bristol and Bath, thousands of people are gearing up to raise money for Children in Need today. Pudsey Bear is turning extra cartwheels at the […]

Why Turning the Clocks Back Makes Me Nervous

This is the script of today’s Thought for the Day on Radio Bristol. Bizarrely enough, it was preceded by a feature on newts, which contained the great line “respect for the newt”. That should be on a T-shirt, surely. Anyway, my Thought was about the clocks going back one hour this weekend. “Turning the clocks […]