Going, Going, Gromit!

Last night 81 (plus a few smaller) Gromits were auctioned off to raise money for Bristol Children’s Hospital. An amazing £2,357,000 was raised after a summer which saw thousands of people taking part in the Gromit Trail around Bristol, spotting as many of the decorated dogs as they could. This morning my Thought for the […]

Twerking, Selfie, Dappy and Vom

I’ve been a contributor to Radio Bristol’s Thought for the Day breakfast show slot for some time. Recently I was encouraged to post some of these here on t’blog, so this is the one which went out this morning, followed by something which made me laugh, picked up with thanks from Anglican Memes and Humour on Facebook. […]

40 Days…..of What?

When you’ve been ‘doing Lent’ for a while, things can get complicated. Shall I give something up for 40 days? Facebook? Twitter? Chocolate? Coffee? Been there, done that, got the withdrawal symptoms. (and that was just Facebook…) So what about taking something up? Do a good deed each day? Read a chunk of the Bible? […]

The Power of Normal…

So here’s the thing – for the next few months I really want life to be – just normal. Normal. Nothing extraordinary or special, just routine, ordinary and run of the mill. Why? Because so far 2012 has been a rollercoaster and it’s time to get on the nice teacups-for-little-ones for a while rather than […]

MediaCityUK Day Two

REST AND MOVEMENT MediaCityUK Day Two… My second day at the Anchor (MediaCityUK’s chaplaincy)  started with an      observational foray into what Hayley calls “indigenous Salford”. A visit to the local hospital provided a good way in to see what real life is like in the community around and outside MediaCityUK . “All human life is […]

MediaCityUK Day One

So….I’m on sabbatical at the moment, thinking about “Church and Media”, and this week I spent two days with the Rev Hayley Matthews, the chaplain at MediaCityUK. The chaplaincy is called The Anchor and Hayley very kindly let me guest on her blog. Read the results here: