Book Review: When God is Silent by Barbara Brown Taylor

This blog has been silent for a while for various reasons. Maybe it’s appropriate then, that the first post for a while is about silence. This is a review that I wrote for the Methodist Recorder which was published this week: When God Is Silent – Divine Language Beyond Words by Barbara Brown Taylor (Canterbury […]

Number Please…

“Communication let me down…I’m left here”, sang Spandau Ballet in the Eighties. An interesting contrast then this week. I’m having an argument with Three Mobile because a shop assistant gave me the wrong sim card for my Samsung tablet, guaranteed it would work and then denied all knowledge of anything when it was too small and […]

A Prayer for the Stationing Process

Methodist ministers looking to move are reading intently at the moment. It’s the start of the stationing process, which in a nutshell involves two large documents issued in PDF or paper form. (the PDF was emailed out yesterday). The first, seen by the ministers who are moving, contains profiles of each ‘station’ looking for a new minister […]

This Is Not Really About Trains

It is a truth universally acknowledged that many members of the clergy are also railway enthusiasts. Before you sigh and click to leave the page – oh no, here comes another trainspotter – I am happy to admit that I have never stood at the end of a platform waiting for a particularly special engine […]

Day 5: Keep five minutes of silence at noon.

Even if you are silent on the outside, there sure as hell can be a lot of things going on on the inside. Today’s challenge: keep five minutes of silence. Easy? I remember visiting the Taize Community in my twenties. Each day in one of the services. twenty minutes of silence is kept. At the […]

Day 3: Don’t Listen to the Car Radio

Quite straightforward challenge today.  Travelling by coach to and from London so no opportunity to hear car radio. What I listen to in the car depends on mood and time of day. Usually in the morning it’s local radio and news; then Radio Two later on, or maybe CDs or commercial radio. Sometimes I like […]

Pets and Prejudice?

Earlier this week I met a couple of church members in the town precinct. During our open-air chat they raised the subject of a new service we’ve been trialling once a month called Liquid Church (everyone meets together for worship, then splits into different ‘streams’ for discussion, art or music etc, and then come back […]