The Meaning of Crisps..

As you may know, I am on the rota for the ‘Thought for the Day’ slot on BBC Radio Bristol’s breakfast show. At some point the day before, I receive an email telling me what subjects are going to be discussed the next day…usually three or four topics. This week, there were several interesting topics […]

Have Yourself a Really Real Christmas…

The run-up to Christmas feels different this year. I’m writing this on the last day of November. Tomorrow will be December 1st, the first Sunday in Advent, time to open the first shiny new door of the Advent calendar and enjoy the (appropriately Fairtrade) chocolate inside. We briefly went to Cribbs Causeway today and it […]

A Prayer for the Stationing Process

Methodist ministers looking to move are reading intently at the moment. It’s the start of the stationing process, which in a nutshell involves two large documents issued in PDF or paper form. (the PDF was emailed out yesterday). The first, seen by the ministers who are moving, contains profiles of each ‘station’ looking for a new minister […]

Day 11: Phone an old friend

Catching up with things after a full and busy weekend – a course, service prep, two Sunday services and some website training! Spoke to two good friends on the phone tonight. Both friends from ministerial training college. We bonded in our small college rooms over bad wine, chocolate and theological study. They are both amazing […]

Day 6: Look out of the window until you find something of beauty you had not noticed before.

Today I drove up to Birmingham to see my spiritual director. We both hate the term spiritual director. I tell everyone he’s my mentor. He prefers ‘soul friend’. We meet, have coffee, I talk, he listens and reflects back and we pray and it’s good. Today my ‘things of beauty’ – mostly from a car […]

Day 3: Don’t Listen to the Car Radio

Quite straightforward challenge today.  Travelling by coach to and from London so no opportunity to hear car radio. What I listen to in the car depends on mood and time of day. Usually in the morning it’s local radio and news; then Radio Two later on, or maybe CDs or commercial radio. Sometimes I like […]

The Best Birthday Present Ever….

So I turned 40 and my lovely friends from my book club decided to buy me a voucher for a Reading Spa. What’s a Reading Spa? Truly one of the best presents I have ever been given and if you have a bookworm in your family then rush out and buy a voucher for them […]