The Meaning of Crisps..

As you may know, I am on the rota for the ‘Thought for the Day’ slot on BBC Radio Bristol’s breakfast show. At some point the day before, I receive an email telling me what subjects are going to be discussed the next day…usually three or four topics. This week, there were several interesting topics […]

Day 12: Pray the paper

The latest challenge is to pray the paper – ie look through the national/local paper and pray for the issues you find. I was a bit rushed this morning (plumber, burial of ashes, and two meetings), but over breakfast I hit on an idea. Pray my Facebook timeline. It was easy to set up – […]

40 Days…..of What?

When you’ve been ‘doing Lent’ for a while, things can get complicated. Shall I give something up for 40 days? Facebook? Twitter? Chocolate? Coffee? Been there, done that, got the withdrawal symptoms. (and that was just Facebook…) So what about taking something up? Do a good deed each day? Read a chunk of the Bible? […]

Why social media really IS social..

Now here’s a good thing about Facebook. Post by J about listening to the Lost Boys soundtrack but having two copies led to a short exchange of messages and suddenly the spare one is mine. Then realise I am in J’s home city tomorrow and wonder aloud if he is around to meet up. K […]