Book Review: When God is Silent by Barbara Brown Taylor

This blog has been silent for a while for various reasons. Maybe it’s appropriate then, that the first post for a while is about silence. This is a review that I wrote for the Methodist Recorder which was published this week: When God Is Silent – Divine Language Beyond Words by Barbara Brown Taylor (Canterbury […]

Have Yourself a Really Real Christmas…

The run-up to Christmas feels different this year. I’m writing this on the last day of November. Tomorrow will be December 1st, the first Sunday in Advent, time to open the first shiny new door of the Advent calendar and enjoy the (appropriately Fairtrade) chocolate inside. We briefly went to Cribbs Causeway today and it […]

Days 14-16 – Catching Up!

How are you getting on with the things that you have given up or taken up for Lent? Two-and-a-half weeks in, it’s a weird time – Lent feels like it’s been going on for ages, but it hasn’t really and we’re not even half way yet. There are three Lent challenges which I need to […]

Day 8: No bitching

Difficult day today – had to take a small baby’s funeral so not really a day for bitching anyway. But how would we define bitching – is it moaning, or being bitchy about someone? I’m taking the first explanation – that it’s all about no moaning. We love a good old moan sometimes, and church […]

40 Days…..of What?

When you’ve been ‘doing Lent’ for a while, things can get complicated. Shall I give something up for 40 days? Facebook? Twitter? Chocolate? Coffee? Been there, done that, got the withdrawal symptoms. (and that was just Facebook…) So what about taking something up? Do a good deed each day? Read a chunk of the Bible? […]

Paramedics in a Healing Service..

Sometimes things happen in services that you just can’t plan for. Something happened on Sunday which could have ended badly but in fact was something quite profound. Let me explain. Once a month we run a morning service called Liquid Church. We meet together at the beginning of the service for a short time of […]

Pets and Prejudice?

Earlier this week I met a couple of church members in the town precinct. During our open-air chat they raised the subject of a new service we’ve been trialling once a month called Liquid Church (everyone meets together for worship, then splits into different ‘streams’ for discussion, art or music etc, and then come back […]