Book Review: When God is Silent by Barbara Brown Taylor

This blog has been silent for a while for various reasons. Maybe it’s appropriate then, that the first post for a while is about silence. This is a review that I wrote for the Methodist Recorder which was published this week: When God Is Silent – Divine Language Beyond Words by Barbara Brown Taylor (Canterbury […]

Malala and the Power of Books

A million books under one roof. That’s heaven for some people and hell for others. Despite the advent of texts, tablets, Kindles and audiobooks, the centrality of the printed word as part of our history and culture came to the fore today as the Library of Birmingham opened. Costing £189 million, the brand new building […]

The Best Birthday Present Ever….

So I turned 40 and my lovely friends from my book club decided to buy me a voucher for a Reading Spa. What’s a Reading Spa? Truly one of the best presents I have ever been given and if you have a bookworm in your family then rush out and buy a voucher for them […]