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The Meaning of Crisps..


As you may know, I am on the rota for the ‘Thought for the Day’ slot on BBC Radio Bristol’s breakfast show. At some point the day before, I receive an email telling me what subjects are going to be discussed the next day…usually three or four topics.

This week, there were several interesting topics but the main one that stood out was….crisps. A man from Fishponds is running an all-you-can-eat retro crisp buffet featuring a range of snacks such as Monster Munch, Skips and Discos.

There are many mornings when a Thought has to be serious because of world events, so it was nice to have the opportunity to do a fun one. But what to write? I had no idea. I decided to ask friends on Facebook, who were amazing and provided no end of brilliant ideas and puns.

So, in a not-very-serious tone, and to be read with a huge pinch of salt (and vinegar)…here’s what I said (with thanks to Emma for being so lovely about the idea of a group-think!)

Breakfast Show with Emma Britton Sept 13th

(if you skip to about 2hrs 10 mins in, I’m on nearly at the end)

Here’s the text version:

Good morning Emma,

This may be the first Thought for the Day slot which has been written by more than one person.

Last night I decided that I wanted to write a thought about crisps, because of the fantastic story about the retro all-you-can-eat crisp buffet being organised in Bristol.

But then I thought….what do I write? How can I reflect about crisps? What on earth can I say that would make any sense? And in desperation, I turned to my friends on social media for help.

Here are some of the best responses:

“Write something about flavouring, and the Bible passage about being salt and light”

“Talk about nostalgia and how it makes us feel good”

“There’s a flavour for everyone”

And, from a friend with a very cheesy sense of humour: “Crisps? wotsit all about? I’m all of a quaver whenever I think about it.”  (thank you Darren…)

In the end it was my friend Rob who came up with the best line.

“All different sizes, shapes and flavours but God loves them all – just like crisps.”

It may sound cheesy, also just like some of the crisps, but what I appreciate about my friends is that they are diverse. They have different political views, they spend their Sundays at church, in bed or out for a walk, they like different films, and music and they live all over the country and sometimes the world – but they are still all my friends.

Crisps, at the end of the day, are all made of potato, whatever size or shape they are.

And we are all connected by the fact that we are human – loved and valued, even if we feel a bit lumpy or twisted up or lacking a bit of zing sometimes.

So thank you to my friends this morning who answered my plea for help – Jo, Darren, Jonathan, Bex, Julie, Rob, John, Debbie and others. Looks like I’m going to have to buy a huge sharing bag so that you can all have whatever crisps you choose.






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