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Today’s Thought for the Day, regarding the Ofsted inspector in a school assembly:

“On Tuesday I was due to visit a local school to take an assembly.

I had everything planned and prepared, but then I got a message – “We’ve had THE PHONE CALL – the Ofsted inspector is coming in”.

My initial reaction was “help!”However, the deputy head explained that it would still be really helpful if I could take the assembly. But one more thing – the inspector would be sitting in on it.

Now I’ve taken assemblies before but this was the first one at this particular school. I checked my preparation, and checked again – then arrived at the allotted time with extra chocolate biscuits for the staff – an essential Ofsted remedy!

The good news is that the assembly went well. The inspector said it was good and he enjoyed it.

I was so relieved! All the staff seemed very calm on the day and I hope they get a good report – they deserve it.

It would have been easy to be unnerved by the changes to the day. Generally, I don’t think that human beings are good at coping with change. Sometimes we try to resist it, sometimes we manage to avoid it.

But in its many forms, change is probably an inevitable part of life and we have to find a path through it, even learning to embrace it.

I’ve always liked this quote from a Brazilian Catholic archbishop called Dom Helder Camara. He wrote: “Accept surprises that upset your plans, shatter your dreams or give a completely different turn to your day…and who knows…to your life. It is not chance. Leave the Father free to weave the pattern of your days.”


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