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How Much Is Enough?

I haven’t blogged for nearly a year. A lot has happened – leaving circuit ministry, starting a different kind of ministry at the New Room, buying a house, selling a flat – we’re just about catching our breath.

But it is time to get back on the blogging wagon – so here’s today’s Thought for the Day from Radio Bristol’s breakfast show.

The Thought is based on a news story that a cafe in Portishead is now offering a “monster breakfast challenge” of 8,000 calories. The original story is here. The reporter in the pic is from the Bristol Post but the Radio Bristol reporter who took on the challenge (but didn’t quite make it) was Tim McSweeney.


Thought for the Day, BBC Radio Bristol, January 13th 2015

WHEN do you know that you’ve had enough?

I really felt for Tim McSweeney yesterday when he was faced by a giant breakfast. I love a good bacon butty but the mammoth plate he was facing just seemed – well – TOO big.

Is there such a thing as too big in this world? There is competition to build the tallest building, the fastest car, the most luxurious boat. When do we stop and say – enough?

I am sure that there are some hardy (and hungry) souls who can’t wait to take on the breakfast challenge but it makes me wonder about where our limits are set.

When do we say – ‘enough is enough?’ In a world where there is plenty to go around but massive inequalities between countries and communities – why do we constantly want more and more and more?

We have evolved from being cavemen and women, we don’t need to stuff ourselves to survive. There is not some secret competition that someone can win by being the biggest and the best.

In the Old Testament, the people of Israel had escaped from slavery in Egypt and were wandering in the desert. They had no food, so God sent a bread-like substance called manna, and small quail for meat, to keep them sustained.

However  – just enough was provided to sustain people for each day, and no more.

If the people tried to stockpile the manna, it went bad. Was this a lesson in anti-gluttony, travelling light, or relying on God day by day?

Now we have fridges, freezers and store cupboards. But do we know when we truly have enough – and when to stop?

 NB – the update to the story is that Tim got a doggy bag of food to take away after failing to finish the meal. He tried to give away the leftover food – but no-one would accept it.


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