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Hot Cross Buns


A Thought for the Day on Radio Bristol – Good Friday 2014


I was talking to my friend about hot cross buns.

“I’m not going to eat one until Good Friday” she said.

”But I just went out and bought a fruit loaf – is that cheating?”

There is of course not much difference between the ingredients of a fruit loaf and a hot cross bun. They probably taste quite similar too.

But there is one significant difference. The cross on the top of the bun, painted there by the baker. The cross which tells a story.

Supermarkets have been selling hot cross buns for ages, so we’ve all been eating them plain or toasted or with butter and maybe not really thinking about what the cross means.

But today is Good Friday – a day in the Christian calendar when the cross comes into sharp focus.

You may see a group of people carrying wooden crosses or holding a service in your local High Street today. They are remembering the journey that Jesus made to a mound outside Jerusalem where he was crucified. He died a painful death.

That doesn’t make Good Friday sound very ‘good’ – but it is on this day that Christians believe Jesus shouldered the weight of all our wrongdoing and took it with him – so that we might be set free. An act of selflessness and love – hence the goodness. And of course we look forward to Easter Sunday when we celebrate his resurrection.

Today, the cross makes a difference. If you see a procession feel free to join in. Or if you eat a hot cross bun, take a moment and remember the meaning in the marking which makes it much more than simply a baker’s print.


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