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Why Turning the Clocks Back Makes Me Nervous

This is the script of today’s Thought for the Day on Radio Bristol. Bizarrely enough, it was preceded by a feature on newts, which contained the great line “respect for the newt”. That should be on a T-shirt, surely. Anyway, my Thought was about the clocks going back one hour this weekend.

melting clock

“Turning the clocks back or forward always makes me nervous.

Sunday marks the end of British Summer Time and we’ll all be adjusting our watches and timers.

Let me explain: it’s not that I’m actually anxious about handling clocks or their mechanisms – but I still worry – what if I get it wrong?

Clocks always change in the small hours of Sunday, and if you’re a minister having to get up to take services in the morning – well, you don’t want to muck THAT up.

I’ve had several experiences where people have turned up at the end of a service instead of the beginning because they forgot to ‘do their clocks’. At least this time it’s turning back – so maybe there will be some early arrivals!

We often wish that we could control time. We can’t. But it plays with our perceptions. It moves too fast when we have a report to complete or a deadline to achieve. It moves agonisingly slowly when we wait for test results or the outcome of an interview.

Sometimes, we yearn to ‘turn back the clock’. We regret actions and words which have led to hurt or stress. We would do anything to rewind the tape, live the moment again and do it differently.

There is a famous passage in the Bible which says there is ‘a time for everything and a season for everything under the sun.’ The writer acknowledges that difficulties and sorrows will come, but also looks forward to a time when they will pass. Mourning will turn into dancing and grief into joy.

We know that we can’t literally ‘turn back the clock’ but what we can do is decide how we use the time which still lies ahead.”


This is just designed to as a 1min 45seconds thought – for a longer reflection on this season of light and darkness, try this from tractorgirl66 http://tractorgirl66.wordpress.com/2013/10/24/light-in-the-dark-places/


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