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Why Turning the Clocks Back Makes Me Nervous

This is the script of today’s Thought for the Day on Radio Bristol. Bizarrely enough, it was preceded by a feature on newts, which contained the great line “respect for the newt”. That should be on a T-shirt, surely. Anyway, my Thought was about the clocks going back one hour this weekend. “Turning the clocks […]

A Prayer for the Stationing Process

Methodist ministers looking to move are reading intently at the moment. It’s the start of the stationing process, which in a nutshell involves two large documents issued in PDF or paper form. (the PDF was emailed out yesterday). The first, seen by the ministers who are moving, contains profiles of each ‘station’ looking for a new minister […]

Going, Going, Gromit!

Last night 81 (plus a few smaller) Gromits were auctioned off to raise money for Bristol Children’s Hospital. An amazing £2,357,000 was raised after a summer which saw thousands of people taking part in the Gromit Trail around Bristol, spotting as many of the decorated dogs as they could. This morning my Thought for the […]