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Twerking, Selfie, Dappy and Vom

I’ve been a contributor to Radio Bristol’s Thought for the Day breakfast show slot for some time. Recently I was encouraged to post some of these here on t’blog, so this is the one which went out this morning, followed by something which made me laugh, picked up with thanks from Anglican Memes and Humour on Facebook.


TWERKING,  selfie  , dappy and vom. Do you recognise any of these words?

If you do – you are right up to date with current culture.

If you don’t – you might need to read the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary which has included them in a list of 1,000 new words which are being added to the famous book of definitions.

If it helps – twerking is a dance move made infamous by American singer Miley Cyrus, a ‘selfie’ is a picture that you take of yourself and post on social media, dappy means ‘silly and disorganised’ and vom means being sick. See, it’s not even 9 o’clock and you’ve already learned something!

Words fascinate me and so does the evolution of language. Jesus spoke to the crowds in Aramaic but we don’t usually go back to the original, we rely on English translations of what he said.

Bibles which used to be standard King James Versions  with plenty of thees and thous have mostly evolved to contemporary English versions which are easily read and understood.

And of course the advent of texting and tweeting is changing how we communicate every day.

Language is constantly changing but the way we choose to use it remains important. Whether we are talking, texting, tweeting, typing – or heaven forbid – actually writing with a pen and paper – our words matter.

Well chosen words can captivate or devastate, build up or break down, be a positive force for good or add to apathy and negativity.

We might not be talking about twerking – but what we do with our words each day is still worth thinking about.




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