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Not Just For The Cool Kids


Abercrombie and Fitch make clothes. This company is massive in the States and has a presence in the UK: sort of an American version of Jack Wills (translation – hip clothes for teens and twentysomethings and a million miles away from M&S although not as dark as Hollister).

Abercrombie and Fitch has a carefully cultivated image. Its’ CEO has publicly stated “actually, we only want the cool kids wearing our clothes”. So if you’re not popular, gorgeous or are carrying a few extra pounds,  Mr A&F doesnt want to know you. And he certainly doesn’t want you wearing his tshirts.

You can, I hope, already see the flaws in this position. A large proportion of the planet don’t look as if they’ve walked off the set of the OC or Gossip Girl, and Mr CEO’s misguided comments contribute to a culture which argues that only the beautiful people matter: the rest can scuttle off to Primark because frankly love, you’re just never going to make the grade.

Thankfully, if you watch the enclosed film first featured on HuffPost, you’ll see just how brilliantly these comments have been subverted by a guy who has decided to make Abercrombie and Fitch the brand that all style -conscious homeless people will be wearing this season. It’s genius.

Mr CEO may never go near a Bible but he could be reminded that humans are precious and made in the image of God. Being cool is not just about wearing a particular t-shirt but having a sense of worth about who is under it.

Twitter : #fitchthehomeless


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