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It’s Holy Saturday and all the preparations for Easter Sunday are done. After the services were finished, I found this great video on YouTube. I hope to use it in the future. The Easter Story – told on Twitter. A Happy and Blessed Easter everyone x (credit to IGNITERMEDIA.COM for this clip) Advertisements

Bowing Out for a Bit..

So I managed a couple of weeks of the Lent Challenge set by the House for All Sinners and Saints…but now I’m bowing out. I haven’t done any of the challenges this week and a family member is terminally ill so the rest of Lent is going to be spent supporting those we love. Apologies […]

Days 14-16 – Catching Up!

How are you getting on with the things that you have given up or taken up for Lent? Two-and-a-half weeks in, it’s a weird time – Lent feels like it’s been going on for ages, but it hasn’t really and we’re not even half way yet. There are three Lent challenges which I need to […]