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Day 6: Look out of the window until you find something of beauty you had not noticed before.

Today I drove up to Birmingham to see my spiritual director. We both hate the term spiritual director. I tell everyone he’s my mentor. He prefers ‘soul friend’. We meet, have coffee, I talk, he listens and reflects back and we pray and it’s good. Today my ‘things of beauty’ – mostly from a car […]

Day 5: Keep five minutes of silence at noon.

Even if you are silent on the outside, there sure as hell can be a lot of things going on on the inside. Today’s challenge: keep five minutes of silence. Easy? I remember visiting the Taize Community in my twenties. Each day in one of the services. twenty minutes of silence is kept. At the […]

Day 4: Give £20 to a charity of your choice

Today’s challenge is to give some money away. It will be going to SANDS (the Stillbirth And Neonatal Death charity). Find out more here:

Day 3: Don’t Listen to the Car Radio

Quite straightforward challenge today.  Travelling by coach to and from London so no opportunity to hear car radio. What I listen to in the car depends on mood and time of day. Usually in the morning it’s local radio and news; then Radio Two later on, or maybe CDs or commercial radio. Sometimes I like […]

Day 2: Walk, Carpool, Bike or Bus It

I wasn’t looking forward to today. A whole day without a car? Eeek. I rely far too much on my little purple Peugeot. More often that not I will be screeching into some car park with minutes to spare before an appointment or meeting. But today is about walking. Looking at the diary, I figured that all the meetings […]

Day 1 – Pray for Your Enemies

So who are my enemies? I had to think quite hard about this. There’s no-one I really want to whop over the head with a baseball bat although I can think of a couple of people I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a lift with. ‘Enemy’ is a strong word which implies hatred and […]

40 Days…..of What?

When you’ve been ‘doing Lent’ for a while, things can get complicated. Shall I give something up for 40 days? Facebook? Twitter? Chocolate? Coffee? Been there, done that, got the withdrawal symptoms. (and that was just Facebook…) So what about taking something up? Do a good deed each day? Read a chunk of the Bible? […]