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Day 11: Phone an old friend

Catching up with things after a full and busy weekend – a course, service prep, two Sunday services and some website training!

Spoke to two good friends on the phone tonight. Both friends from ministerial training college. We bonded in our small college rooms over bad wine, chocolate and theological study. They are both amazing women who have achieved a lot.

Technically I am supposed to be a part of the ‘Friends Generation’. We were glued to the lives and loves of Ross, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica in the 1990s. They taught us that we could be as close to our friends as we were to our family, sometimes closer. They showed us the value of a good support group, how to keep a monkey as a pet, and inspired the installation of sofas in a million and one coffee shops.

I loved Friends. I was lodging with a couple of friends at the time and our ritual on a Friday evening was curry, Friends and Frasier. Although other series are now in the ascendency (The Big Bang Theory, Girls etc), I don’t think there is one show at the moment which understands and is helping to define a generation like ‘Friends’ did. I didn’t get a ‘Rachel’ cut though…

As Facebook informed me the other day: “Monica and Chandler’s twins would be nine this year, Phoebe’s triplets 14, Ben 18 and Emma 11. Let’s just take a moment to let that sink in.”

We grow up. But the best friends stay with us.



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