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Day 10: Buy a few $5 fast food gift cards to give to homeless people you encounter

burgerOk so I’m going to have to admit failure on this one.

I’ve been on a course today, so no opportunity to go anywhere near     any fast food outlets. Also I’ve never noticed places like McD’s or Burger King selling gift cards, does that just happen in the States or  am I just being a bit myopic?

I did try. Sometimes there is a Big Issue seller outside Waitrose in Nailsea so I thought I would go up and buy one if someone was there. They weren’t.

Wendy, who is also following this 40days course, has again helped me out. She is donating to her church’s Community Kitchen project. http://strattonmethodist.btck.co.uk/Diary

I’ll commit myself to finding out about our nearest food bank project (Clevedon or Bristol I think) and making a donation in that way instead.

Part of our Mission Shaped Ministry course today looked at examples of ‘Fresh Expression’ projects which aim to share the Gospel in fresh and different ways. One of the central aspects of two of the projects featured today was food. Gathering together for a meal (not just Holy Communion) is a powerful symbol of community, love and nurture. Let’s do more of it.


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