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Day 8: No bitching


Difficult day today – had to take a small baby’s funeral so not really a day for bitching anyway.

But how would we define bitching – is it moaning, or being bitchy about someone?

I’m taking the first explanation – that it’s all about no moaning.

We love a good old moan sometimes, and church congregations are not immune to this. It is very easy for something small to become something large. Moaning needs discernment. Is this moan something I need to listen to and take action about, or is this a moan for its own sake, done regularly because that’s just how the person is?

Sadly, sometimes I’m as good at bitching or moaning as the next vicar (and you should get a load of us together – ie Ministerial Synod in two weeks people!)

However bitching is not particularly constructive and sometimes I get frustrated with people who moan but then aren’t prepared to do anything to change the situation they’re complaining about. For example, there is no point in slagging off Government policies if you then cant be bothered to vote in an election. Obviously some situations are more challenging – but you you get my drift I hope.

I went to see my hairdresser yesterday. A haircut always makes me feel better. We chatted about all sorts of things – Oscar Pistorius, Weight Watchers, Princess Kate. We agreed that Kate is too thin, Weight Watchers works for some but not all, Oscar P will probably get off because of the shambles that appears to be the courtroom process.

Some of that might have been bitching or moaning, but most of it felt like observing.

Then a church Lent group last night, and no bitching and moaning. Just a group of pleasant people trying to make sense of their faith in village contexts and trying to work out why no-one visits their churches any more and what they are doing wrong when they are nice, welcoming people probably doing nothing wrong at all.

Funny day. Ho hum.


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