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Day 6: Look out of the window until you find something of beauty you had not noticed before.

Today I drove up to Birmingham to see my spiritual director. We both hate the term spiritual director. I tell everyone he’s my mentor. He prefers ‘soul friend’. We meet, have coffee, I talk, he listens and reflects back and we pray and it’s good.

Today my ‘things of beauty’ – mostly from a car window but also in a room, were:

An amazing blue sky which made me feel cheerful and Springlike

Some great music on the radio which I sang along to (fairly loudly – good job the car windows were closed)

Crisps in the shape of teddy bears (I know, I know….)

The welcome from my friend

A new picture on his wall showing a group of monks laughing together, drawn by his friend who has MS

The sense of wellbeing and purpose I got from the visit.

A visit on the way home to another friend’s new house

A fantastic hazy sunset over Avonmouth Docks (have the docks EVER been described as a thing of beauty??) on the way  home.

Small things but things to give thanks for.


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