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Day 3: Don’t Listen to the Car Radio

Quite straightforward challenge today.  Travelling by coach to and from London so no opportunity to hear car radio.

What I listen to in the car depends on mood and time of day. Usually in the morning it’s local radio and news; then Radio Two later on, or maybe CDs or commercial radio. Sometimes I like peace and quiet in the car, to pray out loud or maybe even sing.

Yesterday radio was off the menu and it wasn’t hard, but there were many other things to keep me occupied.

In London my eyes and ears were enriched by news from a close friend; information and exhibits at two museums, the noise and bustle of the pavements, nice food at the V&A cafe, the movement of the Tube and the touristy scrum of Harrods.

It was a good day which left us feeling ‘full’ of new experiences, visits, sights and sounds. We were tired but happy. Our senses had been filled up.

Someone was listening to drum and bass through tinny headphones on the coach on the way back; Even though they were sitting a few rows ahead it was persistent and annoying. Noise pollution? Maybe we should all switch off and listen sometimes.

PS – Here’s an update from my friend Wendy who is also following this challenge:

“So – update on today’s Lent challenge not to turn the radio on in the car. Lois’s IPod had run out of charge so we compromised – we would listen to music on the car stereo (something I rarely do) and it would be CDs of her choosing. Result – Mum seemed to be having a good hearing day (mostly) today and we chatted in the front most of the way to Oxford and back. I listened to Lois’s choice of Grace Petrie, who she heard at Greenbelt and is really into. Grace is a young female Billy Bragg and I learned a lot from listening to her; particularly about my 15 year old’s fast-developing political awareness and came away with admiration for two remarkable young women.”

Now that was a good day!


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