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Day 2: Walk, Carpool, Bike or Bus It


I wasn’t looking forward to today. A whole day without a car? Eeek.

I rely far too much on my little purple Peugeot. More often that not I will be screeching into some car park with minutes to spare before an appointment or meeting. But today is about walking. Looking at the diary, I figured that all the meetings and appointments today were local and walkable. So I set off.

I enjoyed the day far more than I thought I would. I was worrying that I wouldn’t get much work done because of the time spent walking. In fact, I feel like I achieved much more with my day.

After my first appointment at the doctors’ surgery I wandered down to church, and chatted to four different people there. I went back up to town as there was time for a coffee before the Churches Together lunch, and met three more people that it was good to catch up with. After lunch I had a twiddly hour before my next appointment so I accepted a lift home, then walked back later. Returning once again from town, I had one more appointment but as I dropped into home on the way back my nice window cleaner stopped for a chat then gave me a lift round the corner as I was running late.

And a confession – I drove my car to an appointment this evening because otherwise it would have been an hour’s round trip of walking in the dark and I wanted to eat tea with my husband.

It was a good day. It’s not that I don’t walk around Nailsea, but this was a different kind of walking around. I was actually early for things rather than ever-so-slightly not on time. I spent proper time talking to people instead of sorry-can’t-stop-see-you-soon snippets.

Tonight Niall called it “the ministry of wandering around.” I like that. I may try it more often.

(Why am I doing this? Find out at http://www.patheos.com/blogs/nadiabolzweber/2012/02/house-for-all-sinners-and-saints-40-ideas-for-keeping-a-holy-lent/ )


One comment on “Day 2: Walk, Carpool, Bike or Bus It

  1. love this Mandy, very insightful – thanks
    NB – my hubby always says he ‘manages by walking about a bit’ – he knows more pastorally about his offices, and who is working and who is not, and what systems work and what don’t -and is considered a caring manager, who does thing differently to others – think there is a lot to be said for just being amongst people and not always ‘doing’.

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