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Day 13: Read Psalm 139

This is a version of Psalm 139 from the Contemporary English Version of the Bible. God knows us better than we know ourselves, and has been with us right from the start of our lives. God knows all about us, but loves us anyway… You have looked deep into my heart, Lord, and you know […]

Day 12: Pray the paper

The latest challenge is to pray the paper – ie look through the national/local paper and pray for the issues you find. I was a bit rushed this morning (plumber, burial of ashes, and two meetings), but over breakfast I hit on an idea. Pray my Facebook timeline. It was easy to set up – […]

Day 11: Phone an old friend

Catching up with things after a full and busy weekend – a course, service prep, two Sunday services and some website training! Spoke to two good friends on the phone tonight. Both friends from ministerial training college. We bonded in our small college rooms over bad wine, chocolate and theological study. They are both amazing […]

Day 10: Buy a few $5 fast food gift cards to give to homeless people you encounter

Ok so I’m going to have to admit failure on this one. I’ve been on a course today, so no opportunity to go anywhere near     any fast food outlets. Also I’ve never noticed places like McD’s or Burger King selling gift cards, does that just happen in the States or  am I just being a […]

Day 9: Do someone else’s chore

 I hate doing the recycling (although I’m supportive of the reasons why we do it). Particularly I hate emptying the brown food bin in the kitchen (potato peelings, bits of cabbage, tea bags, carrot tops etc which go in the larger brown bin outside). My husband Niall is religious about recycling and always puts the […]

Day 8: No bitching

Difficult day today – had to take a small baby’s funeral so not really a day for bitching anyway. But how would we define bitching – is it moaning, or being bitchy about someone? I’m taking the first explanation – that it’s all about no moaning. We love a good old moan sometimes, and church […]

Day 7: Take five items of clothing to Goodwill (charity shop)