Why social media really IS social..

Now here’s a good thing about Facebook. Post by J about listening to the Lost Boys soundtrack but having two copies led to a short exchange of messages and suddenly the spare one is mine.

Then realise I am in J’s home city tomorrow and wonder aloud if he is around to meet up.

K chips in to say he’s in Birmingham too, and then an open question results in arrangements to all meet up for lunch tomorrow.

And that’s why today I love social media. Because it isn’t something that necessarily chains people to their computers and smart phones. It enables real friendships and real interactions. I have friends online that I’ve never met, friends I’ve met online and then met, and they are wonderful –  and friends I meet all the time but hear their news and comments online too.

Lines are blurring but those who are dismissive of the power of social media, especially in church leadership, probably do so at their peril.

I’m grateful today that social media is enabling three good friends to meet up on the spur of the moment. And it will be good. Thanks Facebook.


2 comments on “Why social media really IS social..

  1. I think social media is fantastic for making you feel like the people you would like to have near to you are there, regardless of the geography of the situation. That’s great for peace of mind. It’s also brilliant when something happens as you have described above.

    My only reservation is that I’ve found it can be too easy to stop physically talking to your friends – your ‘nearest and dearest’ friends who you know and care about and who know and care about you, not the ones you only send Christmas cards to, or ‘met’ because you followed them on Twitter, or had them recommended by Facebook – just because you feel like you know what’s happening in their lives thanks to social media.

    Like many things in life, social media is a terrific thing if its used right. But that’s the thing I sometimes struggle to remember – it doesn’t replace other methods of communication. It’s just another way to connect and bring people together 🙂

  2. This evening I’ve been personal messaging with a young lady that volunteered in our department at work & is now at Uni – I knew her, but not well – she and I have been ‘chatting’ about the essays we both have to write and comiserating over how hard it is – and then tonight she came out with all sorts of things she needed to talk to the Chaplain & someone she knows (me) about and I’ve been able to make a bit of a difference & I hope I can continue to do so (although I’ve also pointed her at her Uni pastoral system). Before social networking this could not have happened, I find its become a definate part of my calling to ministry. There are dangers and difficulties of course, but also great ways to meet and keep in contact with old friends and new – and for my Uncle and my cousin its been a way back into a relationship after a long estrangement.

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