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Pets and Prejudice?

Earlier this week I met a couple of church members in the town precinct. During our open-air chat they raised the subject of a new service we’ve been trialling once a month called Liquid Church (everyone meets together for worship, then splits into different ‘streams’ for discussion, art or music etc, and then come back together at the end).

“We don’t like your new service,” said the husband.

“Oh. Have you come to it?” I enquired.

“No. And we don’t want to,” was the slightly blunt answer. “We’re traditional. We don’t like all this going into groups in the service.”

“Well, how do you know if you don’t try it?” said I.

They wavered a tiny bit, and then conceded that maybe they would try it in the future.

I wasn’t sure whether to see this as a small victory or to go away and find the nearest wall to bang my head against.

Anyway. Fast forward to yesterday. Someone from another church was telling me about the success of their recent Pet Service.

Some of you who know me well know that I may have made a vow at some point never EVER to take a Pet Service. I see them as a bit twee and a bit novelty and I get compared to the Vicar of Dibley enough as it is. However – I also know that a lot of people really enjoy them and they are popular in some communities. I may just be a grouch.

The lightbulb moment came when I realised that I am EXACTLY like the couple who wouldn’t come to Liquid Church. I have never been to a Pet Service and don’t particularly want to lead one. However, in the light of trying to persuade others to try new things, maybe I should take the doglead out of my eye before I notice the catbowl in someone else’s?

Obligatory cute cat and dog picture..


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