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The NHS – Now I Get It

As Danny Boyle showcased nurses and the blue and white NHS logo at the spectacular Olympic opening ceremony, everyone except a few Tory MPs smiled and agreed that the National Health Service, was definitely something to be treasured and indeed, A Very Good Thing. And then they went to make a cup of tea and started […]

The Power of Normal…

So here’s the thing – for the next few months I really want life to be – just normal. Normal. Nothing extraordinary or special, just routine, ordinary and run of the mill. Why? Because so far 2012 has been a rollercoaster and it’s time to get on the nice teacups-for-little-ones for a while rather than […]

The First Duty of Love is to Listen…

Yesterday I went on a Staff Away Day to the Forest of Dean. Many organisations run them – however they can conjure up images of flip charts, buzz groups and slightly laboured team building exercises or even worse – orienteering in the rain with only a compass and your colleagues for company. This day however, […]